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THE FIGURE Painting, Drawing, and Sculpture Contemporary Perspectives: Edited by Margaret McCann Preface by David Kratz, Foreword by Bob Colacello - Skira Rizzoli / ISBN: 978-0-8478-4375-6 / September 2014 / $60.00 US Hardcover / 240 pages / 168 color illustrations / 11” x 10¼”
"...Jenny Saville, Eric Fischl, Will Cotton, Jerome Witkin, Hilary Harkness... are featured alongside established and emerging talents. Essays by distinguished critics, painters and sculptors—including Donald Kuspit, Irving Sandler, Vincent Desiderio, Judy Fox, Julie Heffernan, Alexi Worth, David Ebony, Robert Taplin, Kurt Kauper and Nicola Verlato—provide diverse historical contexts [that] consider the evolution and effects of techniques— from classical cast drawing, perspective, and the camera obscura to the use of photography, Photoshop, and 3D-modeling in figurative art today. How these manifest in master works by Michelangelo or Manet, and reflect changing cultural conditions from antiquity to cyberspace... [A]rtist methodologies,” [by] Trenton Doyle Hancock, Rona Pondick, Steven Assael, F. Scott Hess, Alex Kanevsky... Scott Noel... Richard Phillips [etc.] describe their artistic influences, and specific use of old and new techniques..."